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Kerry: Dammed, Jerry! Stop watching that TV or Im gonna run over ther and rip it off the wall with my bare hands and beat you to death with it!


Kerry: Airbags in every new car in America, and we send our children off like lambs to the slaughter.


Kerry: Trouble in the sandbox?


Kerry (to Carter): Did you something with you hair?


Kerry: Jerry, your are completely lost your mind.


Doug: Stick a fork in them and theyve been weavered.


Kerry: Most interns send their samples without knowing what happens once they're there. Let's pretend we're a urine sample and find out.


Kerry (about Romano): He Im not happy about it either, he is a egotistical arrogant main spirit sexist bullet head.



Kerry: 92 years old and she is still skating? You got something in your neck.

John: Where?

Kerry: Right there.

Lydia: Looks like someone bit you.


Kerry: Get this day any worst?


Kerry: Carter! I am not your mother! Now for the last time, get up!



Kerry: I think youll find its a vaguely friendly crowd. My first day was certainly a bundle of open arms.


Kerry: Mark, how could we let this happen? I mean, he showed all the signs?


Doug: It reminds me of Carie; the movie, not the attending.


Kerry: Any important calls for me?

Receptionist: And you are?

Kerry: Doctor Weaver Doctor Weaver.

Receptionist: Yes one.

Kerry: My mother?

Receptionist: No, your dentist.


Kerry: You are not working in this hospital, not tonight! Now sit down and let Carol look at your head!





Kerry: You two hold on, hold on get back here.

John: Shout we tell you what happened?

Kerry: I heart what happened, do you have a brain between you.

John: Doctor Weaver we called them!

Kerry: No, No! I talk you listing! You work in this hospital not on the

street you where not train for it covered for it and you have patient here who need your attention!


Kerry: Dont even start whit my, doctor Mulucci.


Police: This is the crime scene!

Kerry: Not anymore.


Kerry: Doug keeps working?


Kerry: Mark I take this patient.

Mark: You have to faired me first.

John: So what have I do when she coats?

Kerry: Nothing Carter, you do nothing.

Mark: If she coats call me Carter.


Carol: I can find Doug, he can do it.

Kerry: No.

Carol: Its just

Kerry: I said no.


Kerry: Jerry find Jeannie we need her.

Jerry: Find her how?

Kerry: I dont know, just find her.


Kerry: Police is still in trauma, I told them to be out in five minutes. Jerry where the hell do you think youre going?

Jerry: Im off at 7.30

Kerry: You are off when I say youre off.


Mark: shut up Kerry ore get out of here!


Kerry: Maggy you and Elizabeth take the first, Carter, Lucy! Youre in tree.

Peter, you come with me!


Kerry: I dont nail colleges. Youre waned to destroy your own carrier, that is fine, but you stay the hell away from mine!


Kerry: I didnt expect to find an old woman.


Kerry: Hey. You are in a nasty car accident; I hope you end up down here so that I can personally be of absolutely no damn help to you whatever! Twerp.


Kerry: Mark, I cant believe that you think Id keep taps on anyone. Youre late Jerry.

Kerry: Lucy Knight? How is your first day going?

Lucy: Pretty good for a first day.

Kerry: Then I guess that means you hate it.


Kerry: Whats this?

Randi: Sparkling cider for announcement thing. Doctor Greene told me to put it in there.

Kerry: Dont tell him I say it.


Kerry: Its a prestige thing. I mean, theyll never five it to an ER resident.


Jeanie: He.

Kerry: He, I dont want you to wake up.

Jeanie: What time is it?

Kerry: It is eeh 2.30. Sutures are great, who did them?

Jeanie: Peter, it took forever.



Kerry: Carol whats going on? Are you are you all right?

Carol: Yer we are fine we need Mark. Can you get mark?

Patient: Yes, doctor Greene please.

Kerry: Sure, I can do that.


Mark: You just want her to be late

Kerry: Dont be so ridiculous.

Mark: A propensity for tardiness makes her a problematic candidate for chief resident.

Kerry: Mark, I cant believe that you think I keep tabs on Anyone youre late Jerry.



Lydia: Got to warm em up before they can pronounce him.

Kerry: You cant be cold and dead.


Kerry: Im not saying that she is, the individual in question, isnt a candidate or chief for chief resident.

Mark: Just not a probable candidate.

Kerry: Im not saying that either.


Kerry: Im only saying that this candidate for chief resident has had some serious personal difficulties of late.

Mark: Which have been handled quite well, considering all things.

Kerry: I could consider supporting this individual if there were more supervision involved.


Mark: By the new ER attending Morganstern wants to bring in?

Kerry: Its a possibility.

Mark: And the candidates of that are?

Kerry:Gosh, I think its pretty much wide open.

Mark: So whoever I support for that position will support my choice for chief resident?

Kerry: Its a possibility.

Haleh: Mark, excuse me but whenever you two are done talking in code about Dr. Lewis being chief resident and Dr. Weaver becoming attending, can we call the time of death of this guy?



Susan: You know, if this mother doesnt get it and that baby start crying and she picks her up and the baby doesnt stop, shes just going to start shaking her and shaking her.

Kerry: We cant solve this, Susan. I wish we could but we both know we cant, so were going to take care of the child, okay? We are doing everything we can for the child


Kerry: Have you been tasted?

Jeanie: How many married people get tested?




Mark: Kerry, we had a deal here!

Kerry: Im kidding wheres your sense of humor?


Kerry: Im not comfortable with this bargaining of Susan Lewis behalf. Lacks dignity.

Mark: Way of the world.

Kerry: But what ever happened to advancement based solely on merit and ability?

Mark: Went out with hoop skirts and smoking jackets.


Kerry: Is the salary fixed or negotiable?

Mark: Uhh fixed I guess. I didnt negotiate mine.

Kerry: Theres usually a little wiggle room.

Mark: Right. Youll have to discuss that with Morganstern.

Kerry: Well, what about benefits, pension plan to the hospital or can you set up your own 401 K?

Mark: Uhh hospital I guess. I never asked.

Kerry: Oh, you know, this is very exciting. We will finally be able to facilitate some real change around here. Have you read Managing Through Example: 12 Steps to a More Efficient Workplace?

Mark: No, no. Havent.

Kerry: Ill lend you my copy. Ive highlighted a number of passages. I hope you dont find that to distracting.

Mark: Im sure I wont.


Mark: Kerry. I do have your support for Susan Lewis as chief, right?

Kerry: Susan Lewis, you know. Linda Martin would be awfully good, too.

Mark: Kerry, we had a deal here

Kerry: Mark, Im kidding. Wheres your sense of humor?


Mark: We had a deal.

Kerry: We offered it to her. She turned it down.


Kerry: Theres something you dont see every day.


Kerry: And you stay down, you move and I let her action.


Mark: You hang my up to dry, Kerry.


Kerry: Mark do you have a minute?

Mark: Just not now.

Kerry: You know, I think that we should take.

Mark: We take enough, Kerry.

Kerry: This is about something else.



Kerry: Excuse me is that your son?

Man: No, he is not mine where he come from?

Kerry: Are you with this child?

Who are you, he there where is your mammie.. where is your mammie?

Where is your mammie

Man:Is he oke?

Kerry: No something is not right with him. Do you feel oke?

What is your name hunnie, hunnie could you tell me your name?

 Oke, alright alright we good care of you dont worry you would be oke.



Haleh: I paged doctor Corday are you not going to intubate?

Kerry: Not if this works common little guy lets hear something.


























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Kerry: Dammed, Jerry! Stop watching that TV or Im gonna run over ther and rip it off the wall with my bare hands and beat you to death with it!

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