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Here are a few funny facts about laura, if you now more mail me


**Innes is no stranger to medical crises: at age 1, she swallowed an acorn shell which required three tracheotomies to remove. In 1987, her appendix burst just days after meeting her husband, David Brisbin. In 1990, she had a three month hospital stay when her son Cal was born. He was three months premature and weighed only three pounds, four ounces.

**She originally auditioned for the role of Diane Leeds on ER, the love interest for George Clooney's Dr. Ross, but the part went to Lisa Zane.

**Innes lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son. Her birthday is August 16.

**And here's a nifty tidbit for you:
Did you know that Laura's husband, David Brisbin, has guest starred on ER
not once, but numerous times? Here's a listing of the episodes he's appeared in as
anesthesiologist Dr. Babcock:

**All In The Family (episode #6.14)**
**Be Still My Heart (episode #6.13)**
**How The Finch Stole Christmas (episode #6.9)**
**Great Expectations (episode #6.8)**
[note: in my mind, I will always remember him
as "the epidural man", as Carol called him]
**Good Luck, Ruth Johnson (episode #5.9)**
**The Good Fight (episode #5.8)**
**Hazed and Confused (episode #5.7)**
**Split Second (episode #5.2)**
**A Hole in the Heart (episode #4.22)**

He also appeared in a guest starring role on an episode of the West Wing --
the same episode that Laura directed. In addition, he has guest starred on
many television shows (including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Party of Five, Seinfeld,
Home Improvement, Grace Under Fire and the X-Files) and has appeared in
many hit movies, including Erin Brockovich, Forrest Gump, Leaving Las Vegas,
and The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Quite a resume!

**16 august (her birthday) was the same date that in Deep impact the Comet kill millions of people